About SEO Tanzania

SEO Tanzania is part of InfoCom Center Ltd with special focus on Search Engine Optimization Services in Tanzania. The services include training and consultancy in online marketing or Internet Marketing (email marketing, social media marketing, directory marketing, link exchange, paid click services etc). The services are provided typically on customer needs and demand based.

Let us begin by asking you some questions related to SEO:

  1. Do you own a website?
  2. Do you do business through a website?
  3. Do you want to make more people visit your website to see what are you selling?
  4. Do you want to make more sales through your website?
  5. Do you want to make your website Google, friendly through Search Engine Optimization)?
  6. Do you want to establish a well paying PPC  (Pay Per Click) or PPI (Pay Per Impression) campaign?
  7. Does your website available in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, AllTheWeb etc?

These are just few question to orient you in e-Marketing. If you give us a contract to promote your site, we will use all possible ethical means and tactics to bring the most of your favorite keywords within your site to top 10 search engine results. Our SEO Consultant not only qualified to a degree level, but also connected to the world through 24/7 internet broadband connection to ensure non of the new rules of the search engine are missed by.

These facts are not arguable:

  • Marketing is the heart of any business,
  • Being the heart it is the life.
  • No businesses can compete without proper marketing  strategies
  • No businesses will survive without marketing

The recent survey shows that, successful companies used more than 50% of their earning to do marketing. That means, if a company is earning 400bn, 200bn go back to do marketing.

Internet Marketing is the branch of the whole marketing component which deploys and takes advantage of internet and IT technologies to reach the public with the message.

SEO Solutions specializes in search engine marketing for businesses that are looking to increase their website visits for the sake of attracting more customers to their businesses.

A successful search engine marketing strategy has proven to be the most cost effective way of targeting prospective buyers to your products and services. The top search engines on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) and AOL) account for at least 85% of all search engine traffic.

SEO Solution uses ethical “white hat” techniques to optimize your websites. We practice techniques that are acceptable to the major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Every Search Engine Marketing strategy should start with the in-depth understanding of your business infrastructure, objectives and challenges. Our SEO consultant will perform your needs analysis and help you to achieve your sales/income objectives by implementing search engine optimization process that yields not only contractual time limits but also long term benefits to your business.

To speak to our SEO Consultant about how we can help improve your search engine marketing, give us a call on 0774650100/0654650100.or if your registered with skype use this id “lekivuyo”

We also deal with:

  1. Marketing training and consultancy
  2. Business Entrepreneurship Training & Consultancy
  3. NGO and CBO Consultancy
  4. IT Training & Consultancy