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These are simple procedures on how to  Get Bad Reviews of a Hosting Company?. It is important to review them and ensure that they don’t have too many negative opinions from the clients.

You can check a hosting company for bad reviews by searching in Google for one of these keywords combinations where X stands for a legal name for the company or the website domain ie.” etc

  1. Hosting Company X Sucks
  2. X hosting sucks
  3. X hosting problems
  4. stay away from X hosting
  5. X hosting stole my money
  6. X hosting scam
  7. X hosting fraud company
  8. X hosting bad reviews
  9. X hosting issues
  10. Cancelled with X hosting
  11. X  a bad hosting
  12. X  a worse hosting

It also recommended to weigh the ratio of bad reviews VS good ones

It also advised to scrutinize the individual reviews, many of them related to client lack of technical know how about hosting, tempered, poor communication,

Remarks from the post author:

Be aware that most hosts has or will have problems related to technologies used, number of shared users and location of the servers.

  • Webhosting offering unlimited plans will have many issues compared to those offering limited resources
  • Very cheap webhost will have of-course many issues compared to moderate or expensive hosts
  • Webhosting with thousands of users in one IP will have more problems compared to those with less than 100s
  • Shared webhosting will have more problems compared to VPS or dedicated host
  • Webhost accommodating porn’s and pirate’s sites will have more problems compared to hosts that don’t


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