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Creating backlinks for your website shows not only to search engines but also to your visitors how your webpage or website is reputable. On the other hand, backlinks can be toxic and dangerous if implemented carelessly.

Google have put in place tools to fight against website owners, webmasters suspected to have manipulated ‘their’ search results. It is recommended that websites which have lost ranking in the search results should audit their back links and remove all links that could be considered UNNATURAL and manipulative.

Affected websites worldwide face two major challenges.

  1. To distinguish which links are toxic
  2. To remove the toxic links

Have you used an SEO company/consultant/webmaster in the past ? This guy must have left toxic links to your website that is why you have poor organic traffic from Google.

Has your rankings with Google’s search engine dropped abruptly

Please find these ideas and tools that will check your backlinks status and suggest how to go on removing them

How to recognize bad links?

1) Are from banned pages

2) Are from banned domains

3) Are from low trusted domains

4) Have excessive sitewide links

5) Have over optimized anchor texts

How to remove the bad links?

1) Find associated email addresses for the toxic links

2) Find working contact forms for the toxic links

3) Send email take down messages to all

4) Post to the contact forms on the sites messages (including breaking the Captcha challenges)

5) Contact the hosting companies requesting action is taken by the owners

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